I have finally found somewhere that has the little jars I have been looking for. 
If you ladies would like to know just email me - would be happy to share.
They will look great with wire around them hanging from the centerpieces.

You can do anything on Photoshop

I came across these lovely little pieces of stand stone the other day and thought what a great idea. I wonder where you get them from. Well after some searching, and finding nothing my darling H2B pointed out "couldn't you just photoshop that in". 
Oh and did I mention the little lanterns!!!!

The art of Photography

In looking for a little inspiration for you gals I have found yet another 
amazing photo that I think you may all like. 
I am sure it is just a finish on the end photograph, 
but it looks so vintage. I love it. So soft and romantic. 

Something for you all to consider

Last weekend I was visiting a lovely decorator and we were throwing ideas around, dressing up a table to see what it looks like and all that jazz. While I was there she said one thing that has really stuck!
"You want everything about the reception to be romantic" " Dont be bold, use accents of colour, but overall keep it crisp"
Well I have been thinking and candle light is the perfect romantic piece of decoration I can think of with accents of whatever may take your fancy who can go wrong. 
Here is just one of my many samples of tea lighting. Its cheap, easy and most of all if you have the tea light in some sort of glass ware that covers the flame - any venue will accept it. 

Simply Stunnings first Destination Wedding.

It was a small affair, with family and a few close friends (Clare and Becky are the fabulous bridesmaids). From all the stories that I have heard they had the most wonderful time. Swim up bars, cocktail time not to mention  the wedding itself. 
So here are a few pics for all you brides that are thinking of having a destination wedding.
Oh and did I mention how stunning Linda looks? ( You too Danny). 

Simple Parisian Style

And the best thing is you can make them yourself. 
Perfect as place cards or you could even use them as a little direction map to the table they are to be sat at!

What do you all think of this one????

I want these for my wedding. 
Just stunning, will go perfectly with the whole beach theme I am thinking. 
Not really a fan of the flowers at the bottom. What I am after is more a tall vase with the branches and loads of tea lights around the table and room. 

I had to share this with you all

It was too funny not too. 
Just imagine it, a cake of you.
What about the groom????

Beautiful Bouquet

Perfect for any tropical wedding. Or someone that loves bird of paradise. 

A new alternative to rose petal bombs

Just spotted this and thought I should share. 
They are like massive cupcake papers. You could fill them with anything you like, well any petal you like. 
Even use them for your favours - would tie in nicely with a cupcake wedding cake. 

Who says favours cant be fruit

Talk about an easy way to add colour to your tables. 
Depending on what is in season and your theme you could add any colour. All it is is a simple lolly bag (so cheap) filled with cherries. Having you wedding at a winery, you could use grapes!
You can also use them as something nice to give your guests while they are waiting - or even use them as directions to their tables, all you need is a neat hand and a marker pen.

I am fascinated by this idea

Today something a little different. Here is a definite trend that I am noticing from the US. Not sure if it will catch on here but I really think it is a cheap and beautiful way of keeping your guests entertained (not to mention hydrated) on your big day. 
You can have any colours, add alcohol, its even a nice alternative to your champagne on arrival - or that extra touch while your guests are waiting for you to arrive. 

Garden Weddings

I just love this idea. It would be perfect for any garden wedding. And on having a little think about it all you could apply this to any theme really. Not with the barrow, but the possibilities are endless. 

Simple table decorations

Just incase any of you beautiful brides are looking for something simple and so elegant I found this little bit of inspiration. You could use any old jars, crystal cups, the possibilities are endless!

Stunning Shot

I have no idea how they did this, though I am pretty sure someone is holding her up from behind, but I think it is just the most gorgeous shot ever. 
I hope my photographer can get one like this on my big day!

A little beach style

Planning a beach wedding, or beach themed wedding. Who says it has to be all casual and relaxed (though I am sure you guests will be). Here is a little stylish inspiration for you.

Just loved the fans in the trees to keep your guests cool. You could have them in any colour.


I really love the idea of a simple chalkboard to personalise things on your big day. Be it a simple 'Thanks for coming' or something romantic the beauty is that you can write anything you like. You could even use one as your seating arrangement list.
The best thing is they are cheap to make and you can reuse them in years to come.

Decorating the Church

As I am getting married in a beautiful little Chapel that looks out the ocean I am finding it it a little difficult to think about how I would like it decorated. Do I bother and let the view speak for itself or so I go nuts and do the whole flowers, everything kind of deal. 
In my searching I think I may have found the perfect solution....
P.S I will have loads for you guys over the long weekend. Happy Easter!

I dont know if you have noticed

But I am a huge fan of bright colours. 
I came across these chair covers the other day and I thought I should share them with all you fabulous brides. 
In all my style searching I have noticed a definite trend. Though in planning my own wedding I am finding it difficult to find suppliers of such beautiful things. Who says we have to have the same old boring things that all the cover companies are offering. If anyone knows anyone please let me know I would love to get in contact with them all.
P.S I have more beautiful bright inspiration coming your way for the rest of the week.

Dont you just love these.....

You can create your own little bride and groom. Just gorgeous - the perfect way to customise your stationery. 

Leaving your reception

I found this beautiful shot and thought I would share it with you all. 
The sparklers really just create a little bit of magic, what ever gal wants on her wedding day. 

Cupcake Craze.....

Inspiration for you Cupcake lovers. 
The cupcake bakery in Sydney have there fantastic MAXI CUPCAKES. 
Perfect for you to have as your cutting cake and then your guests can take home (or eat) the mini ones. 

S is for SEXY!

I have just found these lovely letters that can be custom made on that fabulous site
They can be any colour or font to match perfectly with your reception colours. 

Just a little something I found

Just a little something I found and though was beautiful. 
Will post more later I promise....