Shoes shoes shoes

I will admit it. I am shoe obsessed. My mother used to call me Imelda. We would go shopping and I would say "Im going to the toys Mum" she would then come looking for me but I was never in the toy department. Where would I be In the shoe department trying on ladies shoes. 
So for today's bride where do you start looking. I will admit I am finding this very hard. I cant find anything I like, in a suitable heel height. I cant be wearing stiletto's on the big day. Im lost. But here is a little inspiration for you all. 

Just love this cake.

So bright. Love the shapes, everything about it. 

A little accessorising

I found this on and realised how perfect it is! 
Remember girls you will need essentials on you like your Drivers license and wallet so you can check into your hotel. 


I received this in a email today and just had to share it with you all. 
Now I dont know what this bride was thinking. 
This is just SIMPLY NOT STUNNING!!!!!

A bit of Dress Inspiration

I doubt that everyone will like this, but I think it is a STUNNING dress. By the designer Rivini, I dont know any stockists, but thats why god invented google. 

You would never guess this is a

A fellow Bride from one of the many forums I visit was kind enough to share this with me. 
Now the price. $147. All she did was supply the ribbon and the flowers. Again the possibilities are endless - I hear they also do it in brown chocolate. You will need to ask around but I am sure there is a store near you that could help. 

This one is a bit of a personal post

In my style searching yesterday I found this fabulous shot of the 
Chapel that I am getting married in!!!!
It was done by a fantastic Sydney photographer 
Now all I have to hope is the weather will be that good on my big day. 

The perfect Wishing Tree

For all the brides out there thinking of doing a wishing tree. This is just stunning. 
Im sure it would take most guests breath away. 

Remember if it Rains......

There is always photoshop. To the untrained eye you would be none the wiser. Its just in all this style searching I have noticed that sky a lot lately. So remember - it can always be fixed. 


This is such a wonderful idea. Something for the family to look at while they are waiting for you to arrive at the reception. I'm thinking of getting my family wedding pics and sticking up a whole bunch of engagement party shots too. 

Love this

So simple and honestly I think it would work out quite cheap. The balloons make such a statement not to mention look like fun!