I found these beautiful hairpeices on www.madeit.com.au  -  its the Aussie version of Etsy. 
They are so reasonably priced too.
Its a wonderful little site, sort of like going to the markets, but online. 

Garters - Just gorgeous

Just a few of the many beautiful garters I found on Etsy. You can always use them as inspiration and head down to your nearest arts and craft store and get creative. I think making something like this that you can hand down to your daughters would be beautiful!

The little personal touch

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned. I know if your anything like me it will be all about the wedding. I am starting to think I may not ahve enough weekends left to organise everything. 

I was thinking yesterday how much I want my wedding to be different to others. Still traditional but not with all the usual things associated. As I have already posted I am planning something romantic, and special, but when it comes to the little bits and pieces I am finding inspiration from all around the globe. 
I wanted to share these lovely little embroidered patches with you all. I think they are incredibly classy and can always become your little something blue. They would make a beautiful addition to the inside of your dress too.....

What a nifty Idea

Just had to share this with you all. 
Such a simple idea, that any florist could do. 
Imagine a whole tree full of pretty little hanging flowers.....

Bright Colours and lots of them

This is an idea that I have been tossing around for my own wedding. 
Who says you have to choose a theme, why cant you just incorporate all your and your H2B's favorite things into the most special day of your life.  I want it to be the most romantic stunning event I have ever been too. 
We are having a beach theme (though not a beach wedding). I have chosen an Ivory dress, my BM's are going to be in an aqua/blue satin,  a sea life inspired cake, our favors a little tea light holders with handpicked shells in them, we want to do a wire along a wall with lots of shots of the family and friends hung by pegs, a surfboard guest book, but at the same time I am totally in love with tortured willow (not very beachy), and fairy lights. I want loads of tea lights everywhere. 
For flowers I want bright, fuchsia, orange, blues, ivory and pinks. I am totally afraid that this is not going to work. I just hope that it all comes together.

The dress

Its the most important dress that you will ever wear. One beautiful dress for the most special day of your life. How do you choose. For me that choice was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. I think it was harder than saying yes when H2B proposed. 

I thought that today to help those Brides that dont want something traditional I would do a little inspiration board of dresses that are a little different.
I just love the pink dress. It is beautiful, feminine, not too girly and totally classy. 
I cant show you all of my dress but there is a little sneak peak of it there.......

Inspiration for the day.....

Now are these chair covers beautiful or what!!!!!

Just a little thought.

So I got home yesterday from my meeting with my (hopefully) new decorator. I was really excited about all the ideas that we both came up with. So I start telling my Darling H2B all about it only to be met with a " Decorator, this is the first I have heard about this?" "How much is that going to cost?".......
How do we deal with this, do we lie, bend the truth, or tell him that this is just how it is supposed to be?

Todays Inspiration

I just love the use of colours for this wedding. And the cake, beautiful.......

OK so I am a little excited.....

Tomorrow I am having a Venue inspection with my decorator (well my maybe decorator - depending on how cheap her quote come's in at). And yes honestly I am a little excited.

I have all these ideas about how I want everything done on the big day, how I want it too look, the whole beach inspired theme that I desperatley want to make work.

This has got me thinking though. What if I dont like what she comes up with. What if she has some strange idea that I want to spend thousands on this little project that we call "The Wedding", what if she annoys me and I decide that I cant work with her???